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Trust and estate administration is the backbone of our heritage and expertise at SunTrust Private Wealth Management. Our track record of fiduciary and family wealth management excellence goes back nearly two centuries, making us one of the oldest and most experienced trust and estate firms in the nation.

Our strong tradition of serving multi-generational wealth gives us insights into estate issues1 and the shifting dynamics that families encounter. We believe that by building a close personal relationship with you and your family, we are better able to anticipate the needs of future generations.

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Deborah McDonald

Certified Wealth Practitioner

Deborah McDonald has been providing exemplary financial services throughout the U.S. with his innovative pre- and post-retirement and estate planning solutions for more than 40 years. Deborah specializes in working closely with his clients to create personalized, sound estate and retirement plans. He values the importance of protecting accumulated assets while effectively generating sufficient retirement income and minimizing taxes.